Cook Shoot Dog? What’s New Around Here & Freshly Ground Burgers

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Umm…yes, it has been over a year since I last posted. Why you ask? Well between running an insurance agency, helping my husband get our microbrewery going, working out, raising three dogs and cooking quick healthy meals, I just wasn’t thinking about taking pictures of my food before it was eaten.

It is time for a new chapter since so many of my friends and family ask me for my recipes, I decided to kickstart this blog again. This will definitely not be your traditional food blog with step-by-step, perfectly staged photos of every stage of the meal, but instead it will include fairly easy, healthy (most of the time) and delicious food. You will also find pictures of our three dogs also featured on Instagram – @giacolonegsp  recipes featuring beer (our own, GSP Craft Brewing) and other miscellaneous information I might be inclined to share. The photos will hopefully be good, but there might be an iPhone photo thrown in on occasion when I need to capture something quickly.
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