Blood Orange and Blueberry Tart

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This is an idea that I have had rolling around in my head for some time.  I love blood oranges and recently had great success with my lemon curd, so I thought it would be fun to apply the same concept to blood oranges and turn it into a tart for a beautiful dessert.

Originally I thought I would create a blueberry sauce to serve drizzled over the tart, but I was running short of time so decided to just throw them directly into the tart as the bottom layer.  It turned out to be an inspired decision as the result was delicious!  Another lesson I learned is that the ratio of citrus juice to sugar had to be adjusted significantly from the original lemon curd recipe.  Blood oranges are much sweeter and if the sugar isn’t cut back, the result is cloying.  I also ended up added some additional lemon juice and I was very happy with the final product.

The crust is an almond based crust, but you could use your favorite tart crust recipe.  The trick for a succsseful tart crust is to not skip the chilling process.  This is one of my biggest downfalls, as I am always trying to rush the process.  It will still turn out without the chilling, but not nearly as well.

Refreshing tart with a delicious almond crust.  The crust can be used for other tarts and the filling is delicious on its own as well.


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  1. Lisa

    What a great looking tart. Citrus and blueberries make the perfect pair and I love how the filling looks so thick and rich.

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