Classic Double Crust Apple Pie

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A number of years ago I earned the nickname “Pie Nancy” when my husband worked at a state agency where a number of his co-workers also had spouses named Nancy.  It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how I earned the nickname…I used to send pies into work with him.  I love to bake, but my waistline doesn’t love it as much, so I generally like to share.

Every year for Thanksgiving, it is mandatory in my family that I make a pumpkin pie and an apple pie.  I have always made a pretty good apple pie, but one year I ran across a recipe in Bon Appetit that recommended mixing Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples.  This is the key to a fantastic apple pie, the combination of the sweet and tart apples adds an extra dimension.  For an extra bit of richness, a splash of vanilla takes it over the top.

I stick with my classic double crust recipe for any fruit pie as I like the flaky, yet sturdy texture that stands up well to juicy fruit fillings.

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