Red Velvet Cake with Fresh Berries

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My husband never tires of telling me about his favorite cake from his childhood, Red Velvet Cake.  For nearly 25 years, I have avoided making the cake because it didn’t really appeal to me.  Occasionally, I have searched for Red Velvet Cake recipes, but just have never been able to bring myself to actually make one.

However, since tomorrow is Father’s Day I decided it would be a good time to jump right in and see what I could do.  I would have to say that my first attempt was a rousing success with only a few modifications for the next round.  The cake is very moist and the addition of the berries gives the cake a “fresh” taste that I think really puts it over the top.  Next time, I will definitely experiment with the frosting a bit more as it was not thick enough even with the addition of more powdered sugar.  Although I applied a crumb coat, I still struggled for a smooth finish.

This recipe is from Bon Appetit – 2003.

Line, butter & flour pans

Assemble wet & dry ingredients for cake batter

Use cake strips for even rising

Let cool in pans on rack for 10 minutes

Remove from pan and let cool completely before proceeding

Frost first layer and cover with berries



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