Thai Chicken Salad

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Summer finally made an appearance here in the Pacific Northwest and when the weather heats up, the last thing I want to do is turn on the stove.  Days like this I turn to my refrigerator and and a trusty roasted chicken from the local grocery store to put together a filling, yet light and flavorful salad.  I have posted a recipe for an Asian Chicken Salad before, but this one has more of a kick to it giving it more of a Thai flavor.

You can modify this to suit your tastes and whatever vegetables you might have in the refrigerator.  If you really want to speed things up, pick up a package of pre-packaged coleslaw mix with your roasted chicken.

A couple of tricks I tried on this salad that I thought worked quite well were that I mixed the dressing into the shredded chicken and allowed it to marinate for a couple of hours before final assembly and then drizzled extra dressing & chopped peanuts on individual plates.  This kept the salad crisp and avoided the puddle of dressing at the bottom of the bowl that these salads are famous for.  I put the chopped jalapeno in the dressing, but I think next time I would add half to the salad itself and half in the dressing.

What is your favorite hot weather meal?

Thai Salad Dressing Ingredients


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