Banana Hazelnut Bread

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Question:  What can you do with two over-ripe bananas, whole wheat pastry flour and

Answer:  Banana Hazelnut Bread

Here I was ready to toss a couple of bananas past their ready-to-eat date and I thought I should make some banana bread.  The problem is that I like banana bread, but I don’t “love” banana bread.  It never inspired me to try my hand at it, particularly when most of the recipes called for too much vegetable oil and white sugar.  So, I decided to play around with alternative ingredients and see if I could still get a good result.

My take includes substituting half of the white flour with whole wheat pastry flour and half of the white sugar with brown sugar.  Both of these substitutions result in a richer flavor. Add the use of Irish butter instead of vegetable oil and some sour cream to keep the bread from being too heavy and toasted hazelnuts and I ended up with a much more interesting take on the same old banana bread.


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5 Responses to “Banana Hazelnut Bread”

  1. admin

    Thanks Mary. I am drooling over your blog as well. I have added you to my Twitter feed!

  2. Betty Marcus

    Your banana bread recipe has an “ingredient error” in it. Paragraph 3 of directions calls for the addition of vanilla, yet there is no quantity of vanilla listed in the ingredients. I used 1 tsp of Vanilla as that’s the amount generally used in most banana bread recipes, and the recipe was great. I’d definitely make this bread again.

  3. admin

    Thanks for the catch Betty! It is corrected now, for any future bakers.

  4. Betty Marcus

    I sort of figured 1 tsp. Vanilla was the right amount. FYI: we loved the bread so much that I followed up by making THREE loaves the next day…and my neighbors and friends love it too!

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