Blackberry Limeade Cocktail

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When it rains, it pours. No I am not talking about the unusually dreary summer we are having here in the Northwest, I am talking about my life!!

While I could cook, shoot and blog (get it?, cookshootblog) all day long, in my real life I own a small business which requires my full attention and along with my husband, we are trying to successfully launch our 19-year old son into the next stage of his life.  Add on three dogs, book club, social activities and a somewhat unsuccessful vacation and there hasn’t been much time to spend here, on my blog.

Since, I am not quite busy enough, I decided that I want to spend more time developing my food related interests.  As a result I have been writing for a couple of local publications.  The most recent request for a variety of blackberry recipes to include for the fall issue of West Sound Home and Garden which will hit about the same time the blackberry harvest is in full swing around here.

After doing pie, scones, salmon with blackberry sauce, I thought a nice refreshing cocktail was in order.  I am not a fan of anything that is overly sweet, I found this refreshing lime-based drink.  It is great, both with or without alcohol.



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  3. Caio

    I was looking for a fun rpiece for an arugula salad and the picture of this salad is what drew me in..and that it included my favorite foods- cilantro, avocado and mango! I made it tonight for some friends and the only change I made was adding goat cheese to the salad it was amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent!

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