Blueberry Scones with Lemon-Lime Glaze

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Do you ever buy a scone at your local coffee shop to be seriously let down when you realize you have actually purchased a “stone” rather than a “scone”?  If you are willing t invest just a little bit of time, you can have homemade light scones with fresh blueberries and the perfect tart glaze.

This recipe is adapted from Tyler Florence’s Real Kitchen.  If you don’t own this cookbook, I highly recommend it as he covers a wide variety of dishes and preparations and so far I haven’t been disappointed with anything I have tried.  The most substantial change I made to this recipe was to alter the proportions in the glaze to obtain the consistency I was looking for.


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3 Responses to “Blueberry Scones with Lemon-Lime Glaze”

  1. Jessie

    Oh, my. I followed you over here from Mrs. G’s blog and I’m practically foaming at the mouth. Blueberries, lemons and scones are three of my favorite food ingredients (scones count as an ingredient, right?). The brownies further down are also calling my name. This is definitely going into my reader!

  2. admin

    Thanks Jessie! I have a very small following so your comments are greatly appreciated!

  3. barb williams

    Oh my goodness! Your blueberry scones are absolutely the best. I told my friend about your website and she made them quick and we ate them quick- we were at the beach with a big group and it was eat and go. They were so good.
    There was quite a bit of the glaze left over so i took it home and refrigerated it and i made them a couple days later. They were again so light and tasty with the lemon lime glaze as i savored the taste with cup of coffee. Skip and i had to have 2!

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