Cook, Interrupted

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Just to reassure all 10 of my readers that all is well in the world of CookShootBlog, I thought I would stop in to say hello!

Life has been incredibly busy the past few weeks, with my  pesky “day job” taking up big chunks of time, putting together a cookbook for the office and teaching a few cooking classes here and there!  With most days starting at 6:00 a.m. and the first window of opportunity to actually cook, blog or take pictures not until after 7:00 p.m., I have fallen a little bit behind schedule.

I have still been cooking and collecting recipes, but haven’t had much time to shoot the finished product.  It is usually dark by the time my recipes are ready for their close-up and I need to change my approach with artificial lighting to take a decent picture.  The last couple of weeks have involved additional experimentation with sourdough bread (new recipe soon to come!), some delicious salted peanut butter cookies, and putting chanterelles in everything I can think of.

Hopefully I will be able to resume my regular schedule in the next few days, in the meantime, enjoy this picture of my first attempt at sourdough bread.  If this looks good, trust me, I am getting better and am looking forward to sharing my sourdough journey shortly.



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3 Responses to “Cook, Interrupted”

  1. Maureen

    I completely understand! I just started blogging about a month ago, and adding that to my “pay the bills” job is TOUGH!!

  2. Joyce Pinson

    Congratulations you have 10 readers….Giggles. I sure know how that feels. Keep cooking, keep writing, keep doing what you do if it’s what you truly love…..and I think you do. Hugs, Joyce

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