Homemade Hamburger Buns

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Okay, I admit it, I am a “bun snob.”  My first and last impression of any type of hamburger, chicken burger, turkey burger,you name it, is based on the quality of the bun.  Nothing ruins a meal for me faster than having a delicious looking hamburger delivered on what is obviously a stale bun straight out of the plastic wrap.  If it at least arrives on a kaiser roll, it might stand a chance.

The same hold true for when I make burgers at home, which is what I wanted to do on Sunday.  We were just finishing our big deck pressure-washing/sealing/staining project and it seemed like a good idea to celebrate by breaking out the freshly scrubbed barbeque for some hamburgers.  I came home from the store with a package of rolls that I thought might be passable, but the longer they sat on the counter, the more dissaatisfied I became with the prospect of them paired with the tasty burgers I had planned.

So I did what any good cook does these days, I went to the internet!  I scoured Foodgawker and Tastespotting along with a couple of other blogs I read regularly and narrowed it down to a couple that I thought might be what I was looking for.  The closest was from Smitten Kitchen but still not quite what I had in mind.  Mine is a bit simpler and a snap to make.

From start to finished product, I think it took about 2 1/2 hours with hands on time taking only about 1/2 hour.  So the next time you plan to serve hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, you name it, figure in a little extra time to make these buns and you will be a star!  Your friends and family will all be wondering why your hamburgers taste so much better than theirs.  Tell them (or not) that the secret is in the bun.


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6 Responses to “Homemade Hamburger Buns”

  1. Jaden

    Hamburger buns are one thing I’ve not had the pleasure of making yet! I’m not a great baker (which is better for my waistline anyways) but those buns look so tempting to make.

  2. Ozzy

    Is it necessary to have a pan of water on the bottom of the oven? I have an old, small oven where I can barely fit a half sheet pan but I really want to try this recipe. Please let me know 🙂

  3. admin

    You can definitely skip the water if your oven won’t accomodate it. Another trick is to simply use a spray bottle and generously spray water in the inside of your oven within the first few minutes that you put the rolls into the oven.

    However, if you can do either, they will still turn out great!

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