Pheasant & Whole Wheat Biscuit Stew

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This weekend while I was being wined, dined and educated to my heart’s content at the fabulous Eat Write Retreat in Asheville, NC (full post to follow), my husband and year old German Short-hair Pointer went out pheasant hunting.

It was Lilly’s maiden voyage with live birds, and while she had fun, her pheasant hunting skills still need a little work!  Despite, her puppy ways, Jim was still able to bring home four pheasants.  And by bring home, I mean the cleaned breast meat.  He takes care of all of the unpleasantness out in the field so all I am left with is beautiful breast meat.

If you have never cooked pheasant before, it can be intimidating, simply because it is different.   It is not difficult. has a wonderful flavor but can dry out easily so it is important to use a light hand in any cooking method.

The number one most important thing in handling game birds, is to clean, clean again and then clean one more time.  Cut away any tendons, skin, feathers and shot areas.  If you find a red spot, where the flesh has reacted to a pellet, just cut it away.  You will be much happier with a smaller amount of clean, delicious meat than trying to preserve more meat of a lesser quality.

The idea for this stew was inspired by a post I saw on Food52 by Tom Hirshfeld of  A cold day, fresh pheasant in the refrigerator…it seemed like the perfect time to give this a try.  I added the prosciutto and capicola for an extra depth of flavor. You will love the salty, spicy notes this creates with the milder flavor of the pheasant.

By using a medium dice on vegetables, they have time to soften up, but still retain a nice texture.  Everything was coming together nicely, but the stew just seemed to be missing something.   The final piece of the puzzle for me was adding a tablespoon of Blessed Botanical’s Salt of the Earth.  This just happened to be included in my swag bag from our wonderful Asheville experience, so I decided to give it a try.  A very unique blend of Sea Salt, nettles, onion, garlic astragalus root and green rooibos.  (Don’t worry, I don’t know what all of those things are either  – but they taste great!)

Whole wheat pastry flour is a fantastic, easy swap for white flour in many recipes and works particularly well in this one as it gives the biscuits just a bit more texture.  Combined with the reduced fat-buttermilk, you have a  heavenly biscuit topping for the stew that is just a little bit healthier.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have fresh pheasant on hand, go ahead and give it a try with chicken breast!

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  1. Carole

    Hi there. The current Food on Friday on Carole’s Chatter is collecting links to dishes using duck or other game birds. I do hope you link this in. This is the link . It would be great if you checked out some of the other links – there are some good ones already. Cheers

  2. Carole

    Nancy, thanks for linking this up to Food on Friday. we are now getting a nice collection of dishes using game birds. I hope to see you again soo.n/

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