Red Velvet Cake – Part 2

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So, tomorrow turned into three days later, but hey, better late than never!  I actually completed the cake on Sunday, but I am just now getting around to actually editting the pictures and putting up the rest of the recipe.

As I mentioned in Part 1, the cake itself is based on the Red Velvet Cake recipe from Rose Beranbaum.  Her cake is a frightening shade of red, and although I know that is how it is supposed to look, I couldn’t bring myself to use that much food coloring.  I was a little scared to use red food coloring in the first place, let alone a WHOLE bottle for one cake layer!  The other basic change I made was to up the cocoa powder so my cake had more of a red/brown color which I thought was very attractive and not so scary.

To create a more dramatic and special cake, I made two 9″ layers and filled it with the Raspberry Curd and then iced with my variation of a cream cheese frosting.  The idea for the frosting also came from Rose’s recipe, but I wanted to be able to lightly frost the whole cake so I added butter, milk & powdered sugar.

Trying to put a light coating of white frosting on a red cake is not my idea of fun.  I did a crumb coat, chilled and then gently smoothed on another layer of frosting with a small offset knife.  Even with all of those steps, a few red crumbs popped through so I just decided to go with it and added red sprinkles!

This is a beautiful cake that would look gorgeous on a Christmas table, or try topping with some sparklers and serving it at a New Year’s Eve party.




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  1. Michael

    Hey,in 3 weeks time it is my boyfriend’s bhraidty, will definitely make it.So, I was wondering, since I can’t find shredded sweetened coconut, can I instead use simply shredded dried coconued (that kind of that is on Rafaello)?

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