Red Wine & Marionberry Compote – Pies, Mini-Tarts and a Festive Drink

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For the first pie class I recently taught, I pre-made a Red Wine & Marionberry Compote to use as the filling for the individual hand pies each participant made.  As usual, I made enough for a small army and so along with the apple pie we had as a snack, everyone also had a little bit of the compote as a topping for their ice cream.  This turned out to be the surprise hit of the evening and I have been promising to share the recipe ever since.

With the hectic schedule I have been keeping lately, it hasn’t left much time for cooking (other than in classes), photographing my work or blogging.  Lucky for me, this weekend provided the perfect opportunity to catch up on all three.  My husband is a hunter and in this part of the country, that means opening weekend of deer hunting.  I had all weekend long to experiment and work out the kinks with a couple of recipes, try my hand at a sourdough bread I had been dying to make and shoot a few pictures of my efforts.

The beauty of this compote is it’s extremely versatility.  It can stand on it’s own as an ice-cream topping as I originally served it, or it works extremely well as a pie or tart filling.  If you have a little extra, spoon some in the bottom of a pretty cocktail glass rimmed with sugar and fill with champagne or if you are feeling more adventurous, vodka.  Consider this a “go-to” recipe that you can use as the base recipe for a number of holiday entertaining options.


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