Thanksgiving Meal Tips & Slow Cooker Stuffing

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I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and share a few tips to help “de-stress” the big day.  As a bonus, my accidental Slow Cooker Stuffing recipe is included at the end.

  1. Plan ahead!  Plan & shop for your meal several days in advance.
  2. Think about balance.  If you have several heavy dishes, you need something fresh & crisp to cut through the heaviness.  The same thing applies to color, you don’t want all “brown” dishes.
  3. Set the table the night before.  This will give you time to think about serving vessels, plating, and table décor.
  4. Chop any vegetables, herbs, etc. that you will be using for various dishes and
    package them in ziplock bags together. Then you can just grab a bag and you have all of your ingredients together.
  5. Set out all of the ingredients you will need for each dish in “stations”.  You will immediately be able to see if you are missing anything and avoid a last minute dash to the store in the middle of cooking.
  6. Bake all pies the day before so your oven is free for the main event.
  7. Stuffing can be cooking in a slow cooker to give you more oven and stop top space.
  8. Allow your turkey to rest, covered with a clean dish towel for at least 20 minutes prior to carving so that the juices have a chance to distribute.   Otherwise, all of the juices will run out
    and you will have a dry turkey.
  9. Mash your potatoes and prepare your gravy while the turkey is resting.
  10. Let your company bring a few dishes!  Take the pressure off by inviting your guests to contribute to the feast.



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  1. Nancy

    I have always used a clean dish towel because it prevents moisture fro collecting and dripping back down onto the turkey. However, foil would work just fine as well.

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