The Best of Intentions….

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One of my goals for the New Year was to post more often, in my mind, that meant twice a week.  Well, here it is the end of January and I haven’t posted for almost two weeks.  It hasn’t been for lack of effort or good intentions.

I just have to tell you that not everything I make is “post worthy”.  If I don’t like it, I don’t feel good about sharing it and encouraging you to make it.  During this down time, I have made home-made chocolates, sourdough bread with Manchego and homemade pasta.  Last week, winter hit the Pacific Northwest with a vengeance and we had a heck of a winter storm which basically put everything on hold around here for the better part of a week and I had to rearrange a business trip and was out of town for two days.  Oh yeah, we are leaving for Hawaii on Tuesday for 10 days and I have a son in college who has been begging for a care package of home-made goodies from mom before we leave.

The candy was a fun project as it was something I have never tackled before.  I was able to successfully temper my chocolate on the first try (a rare feat for me with any new skill), mold it and even made some peanut butter cups.  While it was good…it wasn’t great and not something I am ready to share just yet.   I need to tweak my process and the filling a bit before bragging about it.

Sourdough bread and manchego sounded like heaven to me.  In the end it was a much heavier bread than I care for.  The flavor was good, but it was actually too heavy to serve with the pasta I had planned to pair it with.  More than half the loaf ended up as bread crumbs so this one probably won’t get a second try.  There are too many other bread recipes out there just waiting for a break in my schedule and the ripe starter in my refrigerator.

The best thing I made was the fresh pasta.  It was light and nearly melted in your mouth with the ragu sauce I had simmering all day.  However, pasta isn’t difficult to make and I am sure you can find detailed step-by-step instructions from others who hold much more authority than I do on how to make fresh pasta.  I will tell you that if you have never made it before, it is very easy and definitely worth the minimal effort involved.  It will transform your dish!

Now we are off to sunny Hawaii for a 10 day trip.  The forecast is for the upper 70’s and low 80’s, good friends, laughter and a few tropical drinks.  See you when I get back!  Aloha.



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  1. Biz

    I actually learned how to make homemade pasta by watching an Italian grandma on youtube! So easy and you are right, nothing like the taste of fresh pasta.

    I am actually making a short rib ragu for the first time this week – it sounds delicious!

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