“Healthy” Reduced Sodium Beef Jerky

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I love beef jerky!  What I don’t love is all of the sodium and other junk associated with most store bought beef jerky.

So I decided I would just make my own. Sounds simple right?  Wrong!  Almost all of the recipes I found contained massive amounts of soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and sugar. None of that works with my way of eating, which meant that I was on a mission – to find a “healthy” way to make my own beef jerky without the traditional ingredients.

I started with coconut aminos. If you are not familiar with coconut aminos, they are created from coconut sap which has been “tapped” from coconut blossoms (the flowering portion of the tree present before coconuts grow) and blended with sun-dried, mineral-rich sea salt. It contains 17 naturally occurring amino acids, has almost a perfectly level pH balance, yields a low glycemic index of only 35 and is said to be a high source of broad-spectrum B vitamins, including inostol. This is not to mention that it contains 300 percent less sodium than the leading soy sauce available!

Next, I needed sweetness. Instead of sugar, I used organic crushed pineapple. To create a more interesting flavor profile, I added gochujang (fermented chili paste), ground ginger, lemon grass paste, garlic and sriracha. That is it!  No mystery ingredients, just natural, organic flavors.

Slice grass fed beef very thin, marinate for a few hours and cook low and slow and you have the best tasting jerky you can imagine for a fraction of the price that you pay for the stuff at the store.

Be sure to cool thoroughly and store in an airtight bag. Enjoy!!


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