NancyHi, my name is Nancy and I am a small business owner, wife, mother, friend, cook and blogger.  I live in Gig Harbor, Washington with my husband, three dogs and two cats.

My love of cooking goes way back, but now that my husband and I are “emtpty nesters” I have both the time and freedom to stretch my culinary muscles a bit.  Our son, who is currently in college and has a new appreciation for my food when he comes home to visit.

If I were limited to only two things I could cook for the rest of eternity, it would have to be bread and pie.  Both have limitless possibilities and the process is very meditative.  The added bonus of course, is the intoxicating smell of freshly baked bread (or pie) in your home.  Then comes the tough part, eating it.  But hey, someone’s got to do it!

My cooking interests aren’t limited to baking, and I have been known to try my hand at various cuisines and even smoking meat.  The process of exploring, testing and tasting food is ever changing and completely exciting to me!

A few years ago my husband purchased a DSLR camera for me and I began taking classes, reading books and blogs in order to learn the fundamentals.  Soon it was only natural that I pointed the camera toward my food.  Although I am always working at improving, my photography skills have yet to catch up with my cooking skills.

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