Pork Ragu Pasta

Soon after I first met my husband, he introduced me to his “Aunt” Rosie & “Uncle” Pete, who were not actually his relatives, but part of a small group of friends that his father had come over from Sicily with.  … Continued

Pantry Pasta

There are certain ingredients that I always have on hand and with these I can usually pull together something quick and tasty.   A few of these staples include:  pasta (various shapes); bacon; peppers; cherry tomatoes; peppers; onions; garlic; several types … Continued

Feta or No Feta? Definitely Feta

Friday night I planned to bring a salad to the monthly women’s worship at our church, so I came home a little early from work so that I could get it made in time.  It is a fairly simply Orzo Salad … Continued

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