Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Here in the lovely Pacific Northwest, when the sun is out, I like to move my cooking outdoors!  After a long, wet winter, it was time to break out the smoker and make some ribs.  So how do you get … Continued

Remember This?

This was the plate of shredded pork left over from Pork Ragu Pasta the other night. There is nothing better than leftovers that are the launching point for even more delicious meals.

One of our favorite uses for shredded pork is Pork Tacos. The possibilities are endless, but ours usually consist of something like this:

Shredded Pork
White Corn Tortillas
Sour Cream
(Refried Beans & Shredded Cheddar for my son)

Pork Ragu Pasta

Soon after I first met my husband, he introduced me to his “Aunt” Rosie & “Uncle” Pete, who were not actually his relatives, but part of a small group of friends that his father had come over from Sicily with.  … Continued

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